Sweet grapes and gratitude

We’re in the middle of November, and after a long warm fall here in Sweden, the weather is finally starting to make sense. Although the roses are still blooming in fragrant peachy colors and we’re still harvesting sweet grapes (the garden photo above is from yesterday…!), the cold and spiky rain is taking over, and allows for moments in front of the fireplace, and warm woolen socks.

David is making way on his Welsh solo CD over in Nashville, while I’m finishing up some loose ends here in Sweden. The reports coming are sounding even above my expectations. Tender, rich and crisp… – okay that may sound like a tasty meal, but those are the words that come to mind at this point, and I can hardly wait. I feel like five years old, and the ice cream truck is teasing somewhere in the distance and I’ve got my money ready and everything and that wonderful tune is playing and my mouth is salivating, but the frickin’ truck is just circling the outskirts of the block like an elusive, rare-sighted butterfly and sometimes the song grows louder and my heart takes a jump but then it fades off again, and aarg..! Sooo, I thank the up above that I have grown my patience over the years, and try to tend to my own business.
If you follow us on facebook, you’ve probably already heard this – a song that came about this fall after having gone way too long just wanting things, instead of being thankful for the gifts already given. The technology of today allows for hair-trigger reactions, so written and recorded within half an hour onto the iphone (it’s amazing how easy it is to say ‘thank you’ once you remind yourself to do so), I texted off a recording to David, who sent back his added vocal and guitar from the studio. So I leave you with this phone/studio result. I just wanted to send a little hi to remind you that what you think, feel and do is important. I believe we’re all hooked up collectively and the love we feel for whatever reason or for no reason, is of benefit to all. So any forgiveness you can give to yourself or other, dead or alive, and any gratitude, love or peace of mind that you allow in you, means more than you may ever know. Yes, we see proof that there are narrow-minded low-vibrating people in this world, who want nothing else than have us being stuck in fear, separation and hatred. They are not comfortable in happiness and expansion and so want to have the rest of the world in their dense state of mind. But as the world is focusing on the love and bonding they feel with the people directly affected in Paris, Russia, Syria, Nigeria…, their efforts are in vain. Instead of separation, their attempts can have the opposite effect with the world coming together to support each other more than ever before.

Peace be with you,
- Ida Kristin

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