The inner and outer 

It's easy to feel helpless in all that's going on in the world. To feel small and that what we do is pointless in the bigger scheme of things. But it couldn't be further from the truth. Remember that you have a responsibility - that your own inner world is represented in the outer world. As Karen Curry so beautifully puts it below; "What we do on a personal level is vital to healing the world".

“Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise

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The devil is in the details 

When it comes to pretty much anything - traveling documents, studio equipment, recording, building, bread baking, health insurance, finances, cat food, contracts, supplements and pretty much anything that you feel the urge, or rather the need, to google, the devil is in the details. The painstaking research that is needed to do pretty much anything. Bricking a sidewalk, fixing a pipe, putting up a website, what tree to plant, I mean it’s all messing with you. Your desktop, your brain, your good mood. Am I…

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The heart of the matter 

Sometimes life intersects all the avenues of change into a moment in time, where you’re helplessly pulled out of any comfort zone you thought you had built around yourself.  

When the heart of the matter, the heart of your life, as literal as that may be, lies naked and exposed on a table, is stopped to make it run a while more. And although I’m forever grateful for that surgeon’s steady hand, mine were shaking as I woke up that morning, on that blessed Friday 13th. 10 days of not knowing, 10 days by his…

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When I opened my phone today, a song I wrote more than twenty years ago came on all of its own from someone’s playlist on a streaming service that I don’t even have a subscription for anymore. God knows how that happened. 

Here we are, just after the tornado hit Tennessee, on the morning of David's surgery and as COVID-19 is taking the world by .. well .. by storm. This song turns on out of nowhere on my phone, after 20 years of silence, talking about this time that it apparently could see coming in those…

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Walking in the aftermath of a tornado 

Tennessee, March 7th 2020 

In a time when something as ingrained as handshakes have turned into elbow bumps, a presidency has turned into well.. Trump, and my daily morning walk through the old magical fairy grove and charming neighborhood has turned into a game of jackstraws and whole streets of restaurants, churches, venues, small shops and a hundred year old homes have been ripped into its fundamentals of piles of bricks, tiles, metal scrap and wood - a woman I’ve never seen is sitting on a chair in her…

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Out of hibernation 

The spring weather yesterday here in Nashville just got me out of my apparently genetical winter hibernation. It surprises me every year and I don't even know I'm in it until woken from it. 

In Sweden everybody's in it, it's an agreed on factor of winter, equaling darkness, which makes you not realize that it could be considered an oddity. Also we're fed by the flashes of fluffy snow where we can all feed from the sun's reflections off the white, play in it and enjoy the hibernation dream state in…

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Moments that count 

There are moments in life that demand your full attention. Those are usually the moments that really count - if you’re someone that likes to count that is. You know, the kind of counting that most of us do; how old, what year, how much, how long, how many times…

On some tiny islands out in the nowhere of the Pacific they don’t care so much for that kind of calculating. For the Hawaiians, life goes through stages, not years. Days follow the sun, not clocks. Mountains are wisdom keepers and homes for powerful…

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Tinges of blue 

Just had a walk in the healing tinges of blue. The kind that you only find by the sea as the sun stretches its long tired arms over the water, sand, clouds and birds. Made me think of this song...   "So sleep my friend and dream this night Of cockle shells and driftwood For soon I too will drift ashore For I am headed homeward ... to you"   "Homeward" on iTunes:   - Ida Kristin   Music & Lyrics "Homeward" © David Llewellyn 2011 Photo Florida © Ida Kristin 2016   Video… Read more

Sweet grapes and gratitude 

We’re in the middle of November, and after a long warm fall here in Sweden, the weather is finally starting to make sense. Although the roses are still blooming in fragrant peachy colors and we’re still harvesting sweet grapes (the garden photo above is from yesterday…!), the cold and spiky rain is taking over, and allows for moments in front of the fireplace, and warm woolen socks.

David is making way on his Welsh solo CD over in Nashville, while I’m finishing up some loose ends here in Sweden. The…

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