Songs Around the Kitchen Table

David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin

A rare blend of voices and interwoven guitars. This acoustic toe-to-toe recording captures the spur-of-the-moment freshness of a live performance. A serendipitous pairing of these two talented Swedish (Ida) and Welsh (David) singer/songwriters.

These two solo artists were paired at a writer's retreat, and instantly found a chemistry, which set them off to record this touching album together at David's home in Nashville TN.

"Songs Around The Kitchen Table" is essentially a live album. We borrowed a couple of extra mics, set it all up in the livingroom toe-to-toe, and the songs just kinda chose themselves. “Coffee Shop Song” was the first song we wrote together, during our very first meeting at a songwriting retreat on Gotland, Sweden. It was followed up by the love ballad “This Morning Blues”, a transatlantic co-write. “Only God Knows” was written together on one of those hot may Tennessee evenings after a full day of recording as Ida caught her very first firefly. It was a magical time to write and put these down, hope you feel it too".

Guest appearances by Robin Ruddy - dobro, Tim Lorsch - violin and cello on “This Morning Blues”. Bruce Baxter - accordion on “Only God Knows”. Catherine Styron Marx - piano on “The Real Peter Pan”. Dave Jacques - bass guitar on “Coffee Shop Song”. John Mock - whistle and accord on “God’s Waltz”.

Recorded & Produced in Blueprint studios Nashville TN, May 2011 and 2012 by David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin. Mixed in the Henhouse Sweden and Blueprint Studios Nashville TN 2012/2013. Mastered by Glenn Meadows Mayfield Mastering Nashville TN 2013. Photos by Jon Trogden.

Reviews: "Their music gave the whole staff goosebumps!" Swedish Radio Kronoberg

"I was transfixed by the vocal pas de deux that is Ida and David, I couldn't avert my ears or my eyes and was rewarded with a show that was profound and playful, sensitive and sassy, traditional and original. A melding of talents that makes the whole even greater than its plentifully gifted parts". Erin O'Toole - WGRN's Songwriters' Showcase 89.5 FM

"What an amazing CD. The recording is simple yet elegant. The recording highlights the best of each voice. If you want to hear David and Ida, this is the cd to get". C. Stone, Dreamhouse Concerts

“Engaging, eloquent and entertaining, these two shine with the joy of what they’re doing.” Brett Perkins - Copenhagen Songwriters Festival

“Their chemistry and charm is infectious.” Tod Ardoin - The CNHF

“Fantastic duo, really brought down the house.” Dave Parry - The Tafia

“’Once’ it was Hansard and Irglová, now it’s David and Ida! Book for two performances - you’ll want to see Ida and David more than ‘Once’!” Swansea Jack

“This Welsh/Swedish folk duo captivated us with their combined musical talents and their beautifully written and tenderly performed songs about life’s joys and sorrows. They are among our absolute favorite performers." Jan Chandler - Heartland Gallery

"Ida Kristin and David Llewellyn met in 2008, so different, but still they complement each other. Their unique voices, different music influences and tasteful guitar accompaniment make the concerts an unpredictable spreader of joy...". Ölandsbladet

Successful in their own rights as solo artists, Ida Kristin has written and recorded two critically acclaimed solo albums. The debut on V2 records, included the title track and movie soundtrack "Stumble" and featured the duet "Love is how we stay alive" with Ryan Adams. - ”Some voices make you stop and drop everything. It ́s not exactly every day that Sweden is gifted with talents that have that quality. But Ida Kristin ... has a pure and passionate voice...” (Sonic Magazine #3 2001).

David Llewellyn's self-titled debut CD was released in the US (2004) and quickly gained top 10 radio plays on the FolkDJ charts and has proved a fast seller at gigs and house concerts around this country and back home with tours in Wales, Ireland and the UK. He was the Grand Prize Winner of the prestigious 2008 International John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the 2007 Kerrville Folk Festival "New Folk" Competition. - "A MUST buy. First heard David at the Kerrville Folk Festival. CD is outstanding. Both the songwriting & music are exceptional. His songs convey thought provoking images that relate to real life experiences and feelings" (Reverbnation, T. Millwee)

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Songs Around The Kitchen Table - Ida Kristin & David Llewellyn
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