"This album is a return to the spare, roots-style of past male/female duos who knew how to inject sincerity into their songs ... brilliantly with richness and subtle grace ... Their professionalism as a team shines as they keep everything in check and the songs unravel seamlessly like pensive stories".

John Apice, No Depression, USA
Full review


"Beautiful folk duets that ooze intimacy and tenderness ... a beautifully crafted album ... Anyone who loves their folk music on the genteel side and appreciates quality song writing, beautiful duets and interwoven guitar work would do well to give this one a try".

John Roffey, Maverick magazine, UK
Full review

"Straightforward and stylish, there is a glow about the warmth of the writing and delivery that makes this a highly recommended record".

Colin Bailey, R2 (Rock 'n' Reel) Magazine, UK
Full review

"Already my pick of album of the year 2015 - their songwriting and harmonies are exceptional and they are not afraid to put their stamp on some covers (59th Street Song, First time ever I saw your face & the amazing "Turn turn turn" which, every time I hear their version makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!) Brilliant Album".
Dessie Fisher, "For Folk Sake", Northern Ireland.

"Two beautiful voices ... Lovely - a nice warm glow - I really really like it".
- Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales


"Absolutely lovely!"
Cherrie McIlwaine, "The Late Show with Cherrie McIlwaine"/BBC Radio Ulster

"The whole album is just stunning ... Fate brought them together ... Just divine".
- Marie Crichton, "Marie Crichton's Country Show"/BBC Radio Shropshire


"A beautiful, loving and intimate acoustic album ... The album breathes warmth and tenderness, which is a very welcome treat in this often cold and harsh world! ... 'This Morning Blues': Sung as a duet, Ida has a simply gorgeous angelic voice, David's vocal is warm and beautiful (think James Taylor), this duo sounds like they are born to sing together ... A firm believer in transatlantic love affairs, this opening track captures my heart immediately".
- Johanna J.Bodde, Insurgent Country UK
Full review

"With some finely-crafted original songs, together with one or two well-chosen covers, the fruits of this Welsh/Swedish duo's evenings at the kitchen table...are treated to some fine arrangements and confident performances throughout ... With three very well-known covers ... it's with the original songs that set this duo apart. Coffee Shop Song is a delightfully original idea, which possibly exemplifies just how 'together' Llewellyn and Kristin are as performers" 
- Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Magazine, UK

"Their music gave the whole staff goosebumps!" 

- P4, Swedish Radio

"A perfect soundtrack for those summer twilights as you stare into the sky and think about the loves of your life and the kitchen tables you've shared".
- Mike Davies, FATEA Magazine, UK

"People!! I need to tell you this. I sat down one night to do a "quick" listen to this record. I, as usual, didn't feel like I had time to just sit and listen to an entire record. I put it on, and was immediately taken in by it. I didn't move until it was over, and I cried a few times. This is the sweetest gem of a record!!"
- Deanna Walker, Director of the Blair Songwriting Program at Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN

“Engaging, eloquent and entertaining, these two shine with the joy of what they’re doing".
- Brett Perkins - Copenhagen Songwriters Festival

"I was transfixed by the vocal pas de deux that is Ida and David, I couldn't avert my ears or my eyes and was rewarded with a show that was profound and playful, sensitive and sassy, traditional and original. A melding of talents that makes the whole even greater than its plentifully gifted parts".
- Erin O'Toole, WGRN's Songwriters' Showcase 89.5 FM

"Ida Kristin and David Llewellyn met in 2008, so different, but still they complement each other. Their unique voices, different music influences and tasteful guitar accompaniment make the concerts an unpredictable spreader of joy...".
- Ölandsbladet, Sweden

"What an amazing CD. The recording is simple yet elegant. The recording highlights the best of each voice. If you want to hear David and Ida, this is the cd to get".

- C. Stone, Dreamhouse Concerts


"I like this better than over filtered canned spam from the studio..this is raw and real and alive". 
- A. Marinosci Jr, Rhode-Island


"This is a gorgeous recording. I have listened to it many times and will continue to listen. I will support these beautiful artists by buying their next CD (yes, I still like the physical product). Their songs and harmonies sing to my soul. I love the songs they have written. Listen to Ida's song, The Real Peter Pan--brilliant writing. Bravo for a great piece of musical art".
- Candy Paull, Nashville TN 


“Their chemistry and charm is infectious.
- ”Tod Ardoin - The CNHF

“Fantastic duo, really brought down the house.”
- Dave ParryThe Tafia

“’Once’ it was Hansard and Irglová, now it’s David and Ida! Book for two performances - you’ll want to see Ida and David more than ‘Once’!”

- Swansea Jack

“This Welsh/Swedish folk duo captivated us with their combined musical talents and their beautifully written and tenderly performed songs about life’s joys and sorrows. They are among our absolute favorite performers."

- Jan Chandler - Heartland Gallery


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