At Whole In the Universe: From Sweden, Brazil, & Nashville

An in-depth interview with Ida Kristin on the radio show "Song Of The Soul" with Mark Helpsmeet on Northern Spirit Radio.  

"Ida Kristin's latest release, along with David Llewellyn, is Songs Around the Kitchen Table. Hailing from Sweden, with maternal Brazilian influences, and living part-time in Nashville, Ida leads hearts and souls to stir, ponder, & laugh, even more potently when paired with Welshman David. Inspired by biological science, tried by hardship, and rooted in meditation, Ida sings a powerful song of the soul". 

Link to the interview and bonuses:

interview on "Radio Kauai" with David and Ida

Excerpts from radio show Kauai Live at KKCR, Hawaii on May 1st 2016 with DJ Steven Meredith.