I Love The Rain

Nashville has been eerily dry this year. Pretty much no rain for months. But today it finally came. We've been working day out and day in on our old craftsman's home in this dry spell. Don't get us wrong, dry is good for painting, cutting, staining and so on but we were excited to put the power tools and paint buckets away this morning for ... rain. So we crept back into the bed that we're staying in these days as our floors are getting sanded and fell asleep to be awoken by the sound of water. Life giving water and this song came to mind by our friends and songwriting colleagues Tom Kimmel and Lisa Ashman. Still half asleep in bed we thought we'd sing it raw and ready into the phone to ourselves and to you, and our little Kimba Troy of course, who had snoozed with us in bed this afternoon and now had jumped down to watch the trickles on the window. All life craves it, we all love it. Rain.

(Update: Video only seems to work on HD setting). 

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