Welcome home!

We spent the summer of 2022 apart. I was traveling for almost 3 months, to Kyrgyzstan to immerse in the untouched natural beauty and to Sweden to spend time with family and friends. 
I'll be sharing the photos from Kyrgyzstan in a slide show as soon as I get to the organizing of them. There's a lot of them ...! 

David and our cat Kimba Troy were in Nashville holding the fort when I was away on my escapades. On New Year's Eve as we were sharing with friends what our highlights of 2022 were, David said "missing Ida" was the top one ... how sweet is that ...!

Missing is such a powerful emotion, that sparks gratitude and love. We spent our first years together actually apart a lot of the time, living on two different continents. And our love story couldn't have been any more powerful, maybe because of this missing, as we filled this distance with songs, stories, poems and love. 

When I got back to Nashville last August, I was greeted with a "Welcome Home" song by David. He had also gathered a bunch of our friends to sing and play on it. Such a sweet welcome back!

You can listen to it here and imagine to change "Ida" to your own name, and feel the wonderful feeling of being "welcomed home". 

You can hear Kimba purring at the end as well : )

/ Ida 

Welcome Home - Lyrics and Music by © David Llewellyn 2022. 

On Youtube: Welcome Home

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