The devil is in the details - Musings on songwriting and other stuff

When it comes to pretty much anything - traveling documents, studio equipment, recording, building, bread baking, health insurance, finances, cat food, contracts, supplements and pretty much anything that you feel the urge, or rather the need, to google, the devil is in the details. The painstaking research that is needed to do pretty much anything. Bricking a sidewalk, fixing a pipe, putting up a website, what tree to plant, I mean it’s all messing with you. Your desktop, your brain, your good mood. Am I talking to the void here or do I hear an aye? There’s just no exit, it’s just that ongoing wormhole into another universe of never ending questions marks, where there’s never really a straight answer, just more pros and cons and weighing each other out. Ok, like minds overthink alike, so if you’re not getting it, maybe it’s just me. 

But here’s the weird thing. When it comes to songwriting, the fun stuff is in the details. That’s where the joy is, the truth is, the yay!! It’s the waking yourself up in the middle of the night to write something down, that little turn down instead of up at the end of a melody, or the twist of a word in just the right moment. I mean there’s nothing devilish about that, that’s just .. bliss. It’s that moment when spirit comes through and injects its pure essence into an absolutely ordinary earthly three dimensional insignificant moment in time. A moment that suddenly feels so sublime, so utterly graceful and just for a flash in existence, you’re invincible and what just happened is like God just exhaled and you happened to be in it. 
And if it really was, then when you sing it to someone, they feel it too, and you may record it and it’s felt over and over. And if they don’t, then it was just hybris and it goes into the bottom of the drawer. Still, those little details of bliss, that is not about the head and there’s definitely no google involved. 

I mean, there just seems to be too much information out there, too much … too much … virtual … stuff! There needs to be a big clean up, I mean a massive ether clean up. Perhaps a humongous solar flare is needed after all, to just wipe out all those giant servers holding just, too. much. stuff. What happened to making something out of bare necessities, what happened to making something up with what you happened to have around, I’m talking a world without Amazon, without … Google, woooooh, ok relax, don’t hyperventilate, I’m just musing here. It was just a thought. Take a breath. Ok, so everybody’s good, all is well and internet is still a thing. They’re still putting up 5G everywhere, and I mean everywhere, like right outside our door everywhere. Not too happy about that, but hey what can you do, we’re just the little players, the consumers, in the big buck company market, and what do we know after all, we’re just following the algorithms, I mean we pretty much are made of algorithms at this point, right? It’s how you got here, reading this. 

Ok, I’m back where I started, see how hard it is to get out? Because you get into this wormhole, that we dug ourselves into, a wormhole of algorithms and now we’re not sure how the heck to get out. But what you do, you stop. You take a breath. And you. do. nothing. Yes, it’s a thing. Nothing. That’s the starting point of anything that is truly good. That is real life. That’s how you have a real thought. That’s how you come up with a song. That’s how you stop consuming and start being. So here goes, to nothing.

- Ida Kristin

Kimba Troy, an expert in doing absolutely nothing at all.